tasting the seasons

Our job is to give the best preps
and seasonings so that
the potential of the ingredients can be brought out.


While there are several ways to write sushi in Kanji, my favourite is “鮨” which means to make fish tasty. The kanji symbolizes our philosophy. Fish and rice can be enjoyed separately, but together, we believe they become something much more than just fish plus rice.

¥19000(including the tax)
¥13000(including the tax)
¥8000(including the tax)

We provide the best matching sake for your dishes from our very wide collection gathered across the country.

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strive for the best


We do our best to provide for your health and energy.

Chef’s commitments

Based on the condition of the fish of the day, figure out the best amount of seasonings and the timing to put the knife in; sincerely, without compromises. above all, paying utmost care to the safety.


Best ingredients, best sushi.


Commitment to ingredients

We select better than the best fish sold in the market. Or ask shops to select what our customers like. Neither can be done instantly. We have done so many trials and will continue improving.
The condition of fish can be astonishingly varied by so many factors including the routes and the process they go through before they are sold. Every fish is different like every man is. We select the best from them.

Making delicious sushi starts with selecting the finest materials. our cooking is already on when we arrive at the market.